Super Neo Magnets for Hornby Dublo / Wrenn / Triang + Controllers and Steam Sound Units


Deltic Large Ringfield Magnet



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All Hornby Dublo, Wrenn and Triang Loco Types Available

These super strong magnets are designed to bring back to life that treasured loco that you want to see run again, however now with substantially increased torque, reduced motor current and reduced armature heat resulting in increased overall performance and life.

Available for all types of motors used in Hornby Dublo, Wrenn & Triang Model Trains. They are a direct replacement, are simple to fit and are charged for life. "No more need to take your loco or magnet assembly to Swap Meets or Train Shows for a re mag which does not last, saving you both wasted time and money".

Fit a new Super Neo Magnet as it comes, straight out of the packet and into your loco and watch that loco come back to life stronger and more willing to pull than ever before thought possible.
No Magnetic Keepers required, so these magnets can be safely stored to fit at your convenience.

Super Neo Block and Ringfield Magnets
Standard Super Neo Block Magnet for 0-6-2 Tank,
2-6-4 Tank, A4, Duchess and City Loco's.

Enhanced Performance Type Super Neo Block Magnet for 0-6-2 Tank, 2-6-4 Tank, A4, Duchess and City Loco's.

Half Inch Type for 0-6-0 Tank, 2-8-0 Freight and
Castle Loco's.

Pre War Loco's "Horseshoe" Substitute Type Assembly with Pole Pieces.

Bo-Bo Type Loco.

Small Ringfield Type for 2-8-0 Freight, Castle, West Country and Diesel Shunter Loco's.

Large Ringfield Type for Co-Co and Co-Bo Loco's.

EMU Motor Coach Type including in house Armature Modification (required) without which the loco will not run.

N.B. A Standard Large Ringfield Magnet if fitted to the EMU Motor Coach will stick along with the complete motor assembly to the coach body, the potential outcome being de-railments and possible consequential damage.
Our Super Neo Magnets therefore have been specifically designed for the EMU Motor Coach to eliminate this possibility, however as stated a slight in-house Armature Modification is required which we undertake as part of the service we offer and is included in the price.

Triang Diesel Bogie Type X03 Motor.

Triang Steam Loco Type X04 Motor.

Super Neo Train Controllers & Steam Sound Units



Standard Controller Front View 12 or 24volt output

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We also design and manufacture a wide range of Train Controllers suitable for all of the above makes and loco types in addition to other makes such as both original Hornby and Ace "O" Gauge.

We also modify / upgrade the original Hornby Type "O" Gauge Controllers to enable them to provide the same performance as available from our standard designs whilst still retaining the looks of the original piece.

Our controllers offer very slow start speeds, (loco's do not race off resulting in you having to reduce the speed settings to gain some form of realism).
Our Controllers also provide very slow constant crawl speeds under load up to full speed and when used in conjunction with loco's fitted with one of our Super Neo Magnets the performance is like never before believed possible.

We also manufacture Steam Sound Amplifier Unit's with a built in 3 Amp controller, the Amplifier providing up to 20 Watts of pure Steam Sound through multiple speakers with simulated synchronisation and Train Whistle.
These units will bring that added realism to your layout in addition to huge smiles from all.

We can also provide the above combined with a Rolling Road for Museum and or Railway Exhibits, Train Show's and Fair's in addition to Desktop / Table Top applications either for use in connection with your Business, Hobby or just for enjoying the sheer pleasure in your home. (POA).

We accept Paypal, Bank Draft's & Personal Cheques in UK Pounds Sterling.

Allister A Hughes

Tel:(00 44) 0131-665-9840

Hornby Dublo, Wrenn and Triang Loco Magnet's


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